April 15, 2008

Masala Movies

I like masala movies! In those two or three hours I get the chance to transmogrify to that guy in the screen who can sing, dance, kick-butts... All that at the drop of a hat! In real life doing all that is difficult. I truly know I possess the talent. But I can't do it at finger snap. Special venues and preparation are required. I remember quite well my friends praising my dancing skills at a party! Now... don't think that they praised me under the influence of alcohol. You can't say that until you see me dance. If there is going to be another party in the next two or three months, I'll invite you to watch me dance.

Anyways... the point is not how well I dance or sing or fight. The point is transmogrification... in those two-three hours and then... visiting the most beautiful and exotic places in the world with your crush; driving expensive cars, bikes and even planes; dancing with damsels that come from different continents; firing different types of guns at anyone with the license to kill... Phew... isn't that KHOOL...??!!

And then you have this misunderstanding cropping in between the hero and heroin, creating a rift between them. The problem could have been solved had they talked to each other. But they won't!! As the drama unfolds, impatiently I wait for myself to get into the screen as "me" (not the hero); all to have a chat with both the folks and clear the misunderstanding. Alas that doesn't happen. The drama would unwind ONLY to the scriptwriter’s tone.

Real life provides us the opportunity to be our own life's scriptwriter - the opportunity to talk to folks and clear the air of misunderstanding. How many time do we grab that opportunity? Not many times I guess. And often… because of that… the drama in our life takes a sour turn. So… what to do then? Purchase a masala movie ticket and transmogrify?! ;-)


Seema said...

Hahaaa…U mean u cant run around tress and break out into a song and dance if the director calls it 'shots'? Its easy..just put on some dim lights, some moojhik and tranmorgrify into the last movie song and dance sequence you watched, all of em have the same framework these days!
Transmogrifying for those few hrs is fun and a great 'High'.. agreed, If only the price to pay was the ticket monies…how abt the hangover that it leaves behind! Nonetheless, those few hrs of no brains and all fun n pleasured dream destinations on display is enjoyable!

Hey in real life One is the scriptwriter…and one has to have to guts to stand forth, talk, convince and clear the air..otherwise, you'll find the sadistic approach that most people take on to conveniently finally blaming fate and luck at the end of it! So its all about being bold and fighting for what is right according to you..no matter what..well, that's my take:)

PS - Don’t wanna get invited to watch dance…how about competing?

Shabna said...

A trip to the exotic locales ..where I have always dreamed of travelling to..The trendiest and expensive ..costumes..The glittering jewels that adorn the body...The "hourglass figure" which every 'weaker' sex craves for..and every opp ones ogle ;)...the talent to sing and dance simultaneously...and remain "lime fresh" in Sahara/ top of Alps...
and last but not the least...running to "one and only one's" shoulder and arms where I can melt into...till death makes us apart!!!

...The number of years n days I should toil for this Vs Rs 160/- on a weekday show at PVR + 50/- popcorn..

Tell me why I shouldn't transmogrify ;)???

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Seema, yep agree. One should be ideally doing that - taking control of oneself. But at times Mr. Ego plays the spoilsport :-(

Btw, I don't mind competing ;-)

Shabu, When did you guyz last transmogrify? You folks better keep me informed about your movie plans ;-)