January 01, 2008

Love marriage vs Arranged marriage: "Risk Analysis" ;-)

Over lunch we were chit-chatting. The topic was ‘love marriage vs. arranged marriage

After some amount of discussion, Pradeep said: "In love marriage, esp. when the girl belongs to a different cultural background, you are taking the risk of introducing her to an environment alien to her. She might adjust to the new environment. She may not. You never know..."

That is when Alok threw his opinion: "In an arranged marriage too there is risk involved. After a brief conversation with the girl, you are asked to make a decision. Once you say ‘YES’, to revert your decision before the marriage takes place, you need a strong reason. Any silly behavior of the girl which you discover later, and which you dislike, are not considered ‘strong’ enough to say ‘NO’. Till you get married, you have absolutely no clue about the true nature of the girl. That is a huge risk! In love-marriage, where you have known the girl for a longer period of time before the marriage, at least you have a better understanding of the true nature of the girl. Hence, to me the risk involved in love-marriage is less, because it is more ‘calculated’ and ‘rational’...

What do you think?


Shabna said...

Isnt it suicide vs murder ;) ??

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Once a married girl told me that marriage is a "necessary and unavoidable evil!" You are siding her ;)

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