January 15, 2008

A harrowing bus journey

A bus journey from Bangalore to Chennai. The bus is air-conditioned and hence the windows sealed. It is 11:30 in the night. Most of the passengers, including me, have slowly drifted into a nice sleep.

Someone in the front row removes his shoes and exposes his stinking socks. The foul smell pricks my nose and I awake from my slumber. In my stupor, I try to open the window to let the foul smell go, only to recollect that I'm travelling in an A/C bus. Cursing the guy who took off his shoes, I try to catch up with my sleep. When I had almost succeeded in welcoming my sleep, my neighbor releases his fart! The stink from the socks and the fart starts attacking my nose!

Later I did manage to get some sleep. But when I alighted from the bus, I was wondering whether my whole body was stinking of rotten socks and fart!

This is a request to all travelers: If you know your foot stinks, please do not take off your shoes or sandals while traveling. To those farters in bus, controlling fart for a long time may not be possible, but controlling the food you eat is certainly possible. Before traveling please do not eat those junky stuffs that will produce “natural gas” in your tummy. Have some concern to your fellow being...

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