January 15, 2008

God's God - YOU??!!

Have you performed votive prayers (or rites) in advance, hoping God will grant your wish? What happens when HE doesn't grant you that wish? Do you get pissed off? What would be your next move? Stop performing those rites? If you do so, I would say you are exhibiting your impulsive side.

Why not do the opposite, which HE least expects. You did your rites and HE abandoned you when you needed HIM most. Make HIM feel ashamed for HIS deeds by NOT abandoning HIM. Continue your EARNEST & SINCERE votive prayers and rites. Show HIM that you have a higher level of maturity than HIM. You won't get many opportunities to play the role of God’s GOD. Do you? ;-)

PS: Extreme devotees, please excuse this post.

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