November 17, 2007

Two Poems...

Came across two poems...

Interesting simple ones...

Feelings Poem... by Spike Milligan

There must be a wound!
No one can be this hurt
and not bleed.

How could she injure me so?
No marks
No bruise

People say 'My, you're looking well'
…..God help me!
She's mummified me -


I’ll hold back my tears tonight
As I know I can’t have you with me
I’ll try to sleep tonight
But what’s the point?
When I wake up nothing will have changed.

I’ll be sad tonight
And probably tomorrow too
I’ll put on an act though
To try to keep a straight face around you
I know you won’t sense my pain

I’ll think of you tonight
It’s so hard to not cry
Heartbreak feels so low
I’ll try to forget my sorrow
As I know you won’t think of me

I’ll see the stars tonight
And watch them twinkle in the charcoal sky
If the universe is infinite
Then I’ll look for a parallel world
Where you and me are together

And I’ll just wish I was there.

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