November 11, 2007

A breakfast conversation

It was quite sometime since I had visited my hometown. On the dining table at my home, while having my breakfast, I thought I'll catch-up with the latest local news and gossips. I asked my mother to unravel the bundle of gossips.

She started. The first one was the sad story of a neighbor. The second one was an unhappy incident that occurred to one of my acquaintances. The third one was the annoying news of a distant relative. I felt the air of discomfort surrounding me. I was expecting her to share some good news, and here I am having a bad start of the day with all those unpleasant news served with my breakfast.

Before she started with the fourth one, I interrupted and told her that she was spoiling my mood and perhaps my day, and hence should tell me only good news and stories, and nothing else. “For each bad news there should be at least two good news” I said. I was becoming unreasonable.

She paused for a while. Then looking at her plate said casually "Candy is sweet. So is sugar and honey. But lemon is sour. And bitter gourd is bitter. Can you really change their nature?"

I stared at her, then at my father. A smile spread on our faces and we exchanged a hearty laugh. I got my mother’s message. She was just sharing the local news - good, bad and the ugly ones. She couldn’t change their nature. Could she?

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