November 18, 2007

Addiction to loneliness

"I don't think I'll get married" My friend said sipping his beer
"Why?" I asked
He said "Over the past four years I have developed a liking for loneliness. After the hectic work in office, I look forward to go home and soak myself in the peace that loneliness offers. It gives me the space I need! Everyday I dearly need some time exclusively reserved for myself with no one in the nearby vicinity of MY 'time-space'. A marriage will ruin the bliss loneliness offers. I value my loneliness so much that I will do anything to guard it"

I nodded. I was able to fully understand what he meant. Sometime back another friend had mentioned something similar. In her case, her mother wanted her to end her lonely stay. Her mom feared that she would get addicted to loneliness and would eventually decide against getting married. Anyways, after constant pressure from home, she packed herself to her hometown.

Addiction to loneliness is an interesting subject worth studying…

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Shabna said...

Alas!! Many dont one's constant companion ..You only realize he/she's hanging around.. when you are surrounded by silence or when you are surrounded by sound..One needs to learn the art of calling truce with hug you / kick you whenever you want....a reliable fellow from birth to death...:))