September 02, 2007


A bus journey from Kerala to Bangalore:

The conversation between two businessmen is given below.
Business Man1: Did you hear about that new law?
Business Man2: Which one?
Business Man1: The one that will ban the use of plastic bags in Kerala. The state govt is planning to restrict shops from providing plastic bags to the customer.
I was out of touch of the current affairs of the State. I had no clue of such a law. I felt good about the law that is aimed at protecting the environment. I thought Kerala was yet again setting the right trend and standard. I thought the two men will continue their discussion in that line discussing the far-sightedness of the govt. I learned soon that my prediction was wrong.
Business Man2: Oh yes. That is a very good thing to happen. I'm in touch with some paper mills in Bangalore. I'm thinking of distributing paper bags here. It is a very good business opportunity.
Lesson Learned: Look for opportunities. Think like an Entrepreneur

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