December 11, 2010

My Private Theater

Have you been into a private theater...? I mean, physically stepped into one...? No...?
Have you peeked into one...; just a peek... forget the strolling part...? No...?
Am sure you have an idea on how a private theater would look like - Thanks to our bollywood movies.

I too had an idea about how it would look like.

Ever since I got this idea, I used to day-dream about me watching a movie in a private theater: Yes... Just me in the theater... and no one else. (Well... no harm in having my girl along with me. But that's it... Just two souls, for whom the entire theater is dedicated.)

Can you imagine the sight of the entire front rows being vacant? Just for you?
The whole show playing? Just for you?
Wow! You should be filthy rich to realize that dream. Isn't it?

Last week I realized that "day-dream".

I went on a weekday to a multiplex to watch Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se. When I strolled into the theater, there was one couple sitting in the backmost row. I settled somewhere in the middle, and had this illusion of the entire theater being dedicated to me.

It cost me just 30 dirhams :) And the size of the theater was far larger than that of a private one :)


shyama said...

Had the same experience watching Casino Royale in Canada during the peak of recession times.
Ofcourse had my two roomies with me.

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

:) Trust you enjoyed the sight of the empty rows in front of you