December 15, 2010

Collective Decision

When anyone OFTEN talks about securing a "collective or consensual decision" to take an action, understand he is either

  • not sufficiently empowered OR
  • not a risk taker OR
  • a politician by nature OR
  • shies away from responsibilities OR
  • has no guts to take a bold decision
Watchout! Cause he is an ally of collectivism, and not merit. When collectivism heads against merit, he will kill merit for the sake of collectivism. He would rather wait for the collective - which includes the jokers, bums and the wicked - and waste time for them to arrive at a "consensual decision", than take a timely decision.
PS: Guess Ayn Rand would agree to this :)


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Shada Mohammed said...

I really didn't get the topic itself what do you mean by what wrote.Hopefully,you clear my doubt.