May 16, 2007

Leadership linked to bad corporate culture

I overheard this conversation of an employee “I have changed. These days, only when someone pings me, I join the bridge…” He was referring to attending a conference call.

I know the pain the chair takes to get all the folks on a conference call. I have been through it. You dial in; activate the bridge; wait for the time to drift away to accommodate all the late participants; and then start making calls to each individual and their manager to see their butt on their seat.

Why do people do this? From the statement of the employee, it is clear that he was not a late-bee till the recent past. He “changed”… for the worse!? What prompted him take this bad turn? I guess the answer lies in the environment and the leadership. If the leadership and the environment are not ready to constantly remind him the importance of punctuality, demonstrate it and stricture bad habits, he is bound to let the habit loose for the bad.

Knock Knock Management… Are you listening?

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