May 14, 2007

"I see people"

You meet them everywhere. They are there walking next to you on the street; working with you in the office; playing with you in the ground. Who are they? They are the people who find it 'funny' to make fun of others; who find it 'entertaining' to mock others; who find it 'amusing' to belittle others. They think that they are way-way ahead of their fellow beings. Hardly they realize that others' too find them 'extremely' funny in many ways. They keep quite out of courtesy. And these maniacs take their silence as a vindication to their “faultless” nature! I used to be one such maniac. But that was long-long back. I dropped that shitty habit. Alas, I cannot say that - dropping bad habits - happen to all folks. I have a theory on these people. They are intellectual paupers, who have nothing to offer. Chances are high that these folks don’t have any serious hobby to occupy their idle mind. So they end up doing nothing but finding faults in others.

What do you do when you meet such people? I try to avoid them lest I would confront them big time. I know my confrontation normally turns ugly and sour. But what if you can't avoid such people and find yourself in a position where you can't give them your piece of mind? Stoop down to their level?... and join them in mocking the crowd around you? Hell... NO!

Reminds me of Atlas Shrugged. At one point of time, Dagny looks at her surroundings and see incompetence everywhere. She thinks of lowering her standard to theirs. She mentions that to her friend Francisco. And he responds with a slap and commands her never to give up… that too for incompetent people! NEVER!

Coming back to my problem, I guess the only way out is to make them know my position well... No point in suffering their bull shit “entertainment”.

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