February 16, 2009


Ever since I've been following cricket, I've often wondered whether the following scenarios could really happen!!

1. An over that entertains the crowd with six sixes in an international match. Yuvraj and Gibbs did that in the past.

2. A brilliant catch in which the fielder spontaneously, but accurately, judges the trajectory of the ball, and then dives from the boundary line into the field, to grab the ball... thereby taking the wicket. Adam Voges just did something similar to that. Watch his brilliant catch...

The other unbelievable cricketing scenarios that could probably occur in the future are:

3. Scoring 36 runs in the last over to win a match

4. In a India vs Pakistan match, India hitting a six in the last ball, when the asking runs is 6. (Yeah... I can't forget that Miandad 6 at Sharjah)

5. A single bowler belting 10 wickets in a single one-day or T20 international match. Kumble and Jim Laker did that in test match and 1st class test match respectively. I'm wondering who will perform a similar feat in the other versions of the game.

6. Scoring 108 runs in three consecutive overs.

7. A direct hit (and a run out) from a fielder who covers the deep. (I believe this has already happened)

8. Zero runs and 10 wickets (Batting side is back to the pavilion).

9. 20 wickets by a single bowler in a test match.

Do you have anymore to add to this dream list? :-)


sandeep said...

brilliant catch indeed!

about #4, I believe India has gotten over the sharjah ghosts thnx to Jadeja during the 96 world cup quaterfinal. But yeah ... last ball six to win is yet to come :)

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Yep.. brilliant! :-)

India batted 1st in the 96 world cup!? Are you referring to a different match