July 20, 2008

Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Public Display of Affection (PDA) is the norm in Bangalore City. Yours truly Sophroniscus, even though not yet reported through this blog, has witnessed it innumerable times.

After skimming through an article on PDA, I was curious to know my friend's take on it. Placing the paper on the teapoy, I lifted my cup of hot CoffeeDay cappuccino. She had just finished a hushed conversation on her mobile...

"So... What do you think of PDA?"
I asked her sipping the cappuccino

A bit surprised on the topic I have thrown at her, she carefully kept the mobile in her tan purse and said: "I like it."

I was taken aback. I didn't expect THAT answer to come from her - someone who hails from a traditional Indian family. More than the answer, I was surprised by the aplomb and coolness with which she said it!

"What do you mean you like it?!" I asked, trying hard to suppress my surprise.
"It is good time pass" She said adjusting her yellow kameez and dupatta, and then reaching out to grab her cup of mocha.

"Time pass?! When... Which part...?!" After blurting out that question, I felt like a fool. I shouldn't have asked.

"Well... "
she paused, thought for a while, and said "I think I’ll enjoy it in the bus. You know how boring the two hour bus ride to-and-from office can get..."

"Times have changed"
I grimaced and said to myself.

She continued "If I have a PDA, I can find ways to cut time... or at least I think so..."

At that statement I started laughing. She was talking about Personal Digital Assistant - PDA!! In this world of HTC and iPhone, how can she talk about Personal Digital Assistant!!?? Yes... my assessment was right. She is a pakka traditional Indian girl. I continued my laugh.

Startled at my laughter she stared at me for a while before I pointed her to the article on PDA. She looked at it and blushed.

"So... you like it in the bus!! I'm wondering with whom?!"
Before I broke into another round of wild uproar I saw her flung the paper on my face.


Anonymous said...

FYI - She would've thought abt PDA like devices... anyway who would think first abt public display of affection when you mention the acronym, except for idiotic guys whose mind is in the gutter (*read* all guys)

usandeep said...

PDA is gud .. rite? isnt it like making a public announcement ;-) and yeah ... it can be interesting during a boring bus ride :)

btw ... ee frnd aarada?

@anon: u seem to have a lot of affection for all guys :)

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Sandeep, I'm still a bit conservative on the degree of PDA... Abt, the friend, you don't know her. I hope she doesn't read this post ;-)

Anonymous, come on... take it as a joke... a good one to think and laugh! :-))) Pls don't generalize guyz based on this incident. Btw, do you have a name? Why not reveal it

Anonymous said...

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