June 29, 2008

Generation Gap

Three or Four years back I was taking a stroll on CMH road. That is when I came across this attractive damsel walking towards me. I don't remember her face. But I do remember something else! She had this very-low-neck pink top that revealed a looong cleavage! When she walked all her assets swayed to the rhythm of her cat walk. My jaws almost dropped...! And I sang to myself - "What a wonderful world….!" As I passed her, I turned back to enjoy her cat walk. That is when my eyes bulged out, and jaws hit the pavement. She had exposed her "rear" and rare cleavage too!! Thanks to her blue ultra-low-waste jeans! My lips almost produced a whistle before my brain intervened.

Months passed... Bangalore adopted the fashion I saw on CMH road. Thanks to low-waste jeans and translucent blouses, figuring out the color and type of a lady’s under-cloths became a cake-walk. The "good ol'coin trick" was no longer required to take a peek at the cleavages (front and rear) some ladies proudly displayed.

Did I enjoy this fashion change? I guess I did. I considered myself lucky to live in this era where nobody has to pay a penny to watch old B-grade movie-bits/scenes. All he has to do is: go to a posh mall... and enjoy the latest “fashion sense”!

But something happened today that made me think seriously...

Today, while coming out from a restaurant, I saw this girl with ultra-micro mini-skirt. Had she bent even a tiny-teeny angle, I would have clearly seen her undies. Unlike three years back, this time I didn't sing "What a wonderful world". I didn't enjoy what I saw! May be I'm finding it difficult to appreciate the latest fashion sense of the youngest and latest generation! Am I getting old? Am I having a generation gap?


sandeep said...

ഗൊച്ചു ഗള്ളന്‍! ഇതാണല്ലേ ഇടക്കിടക്ക് നീ ചില്ലറ ചോദിക്കുന്നെ?

(for those who cant read / follow malayalam: small thief ... is this y u ask for change quite often?)

An admirer!! said...

wheres the next post?am waiting!!

ashi said...

1) You are getting old
2) You now have a generation gap
3) You are not looking at the right girls..
All of these lead me to conclude that your bachelor life is past its expiry date..Just one advise -Get a life, get married. You may end up not looking at any other girl for the rest of your life or you may actually start enjoying ogling at girls once again :-)

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Sandeep, This is why you never gave me change, right? ;-)

"An Admirer", Thankyou! Can you please reveal yourself...

Ashi, Do you ogle these days? Trying to figure out your category ;-)

ashi said...

Nope..Obviously i fall into the first category ;-)