February 27, 2008

My niece

I'm crazy about my niece. Here's one incident about her.

She loves observing people. So, under her keen observing eyes, which is difficult to escape from, I get into this store-room where my mom keeps her home-made wine. (I like the wine my mom prepares) I take the wine jar out and starts pouring the liquid into the glass.

My niece comes to me and asks: "What are you doing mamman? What are you pouring?"

Of course I can't give wine to my niece. And if I tell her that it is "wine" - something she has never tasted - she will create a scene forcing us to let her taste the drink.

So I tell her that it is black tea. She doesn't like black tea. The color of the wine supported my lie.

She observes me for a while, then runs to the kitchen and comes back with a tea filter to help me "filter" the "tea". With a chuckle I try to convince her that "this tea" doesn't require a filter.

She listens, thinks for a while, and runs to the kitchen again; only to bring another glass. I thought she is going to ask me her share of the "tea". She holds the glass to me and says "The tea will be hot mamman. Use this glass to bring down its heat"

My chuckle soon became a roaring laughter

Last week she left for Canada. I miss her...


mathew said...

that was lovely..kids can sometimes make your day..

Preetha Nair said...

chweeeeet :)

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Yes... kids are sweet. My niece is a bit more sweet ;)

Rajeev said...

LOL.. ninte niecinum ninte athe helping mentality aanale ? ;-)

Shubha said...

I read this blog to u'r niece today.
I donno how much she understood, but she understood the last sentence. So she said she wants me to type the following on behalf of her :

Laya miss Mamman (in a very sentimental way ;) ).

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

:-) Kollalo videon... To be honest, that was sweet :-)